Does sealer actually work?

Yes, it prevents water and oils from entering and damaging your asphalt, as well as preventing against UV damage. Plus- it looks great!

Is the sealer shiny?

As the sealer cures for the first 30 days, it can have a shiny appearance. Once it is fully cured, it is an even, flat black color.

Why does Nova-Pro cost more than some other contractors?

We would rather explain the costs than have to apologize for poor quality. Since our product is a premium, asphalt based sealer--and we take so much care during prep work, our service is more expensive than some other contractors. But, as our slogan says, we DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

How often should I seal?

Every 2 or 3 years, depending on the condition of your driveway.

Are all sealers the same?

NO! Many sealers available at stores are water based. Those products work, but they limit what can be applied to your driveway in the future.

Can Nova- Pro Sealers seal my driveway?

We hope so- but if your driveway has been treated with water-based products, we need to have a look at it first.




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